Welcome to Wohpe Jewelry!


This is Eleni, I live in Bali and I am a citizen of the world.


You must have heard that everything in the universe is energy and everything is affected by energy.The desire to create high-vibe jewelry comes from the desire to express through art that contributes to positive energy.


Wohpe creations are for people who consciously choose their harmony. Each jewelry piece is inspired by the universe and the beautiful energies that nature generously offers to us. This is why many of them depict elements of the sea, flowers, as well as the moon, the sun and twinkling stars.


The names given to the jewelry come from real names of women who have inspired me during my travels to different corners of the Earth.


The brand name comes from the goddess Wohpe who is the goddess of peace and harmony in the Lakota tradition . These are values that I wish to honour through Wohpe creations, along with self-love that is a source of inspiration for every jewelry and specifically the best-selling pendant necklaces: “I love me, I am enough and love is the way”.


Thank you for choosing Wohpe Jewelry. May you enjoy your chosen pieces to the fullest!


Sending you beautiful energies 💫

Eleni 💫