Our Story

Wohpe Jewelry started in late 2016 with the desire of creating handmade jewelry that remind women of their pure beauty.


The name of the brand is derived by a goddess in Native-American mythology. Wohpe is the goddess of peace, harmony and friendship and these are values that we wish to honor.


In the beginning, Wohpe Jewelry was a personal project by a Greek self-taught designer called Lamprini, wanting to unleash her passion for creativity. On the way, in May 2020, her sister Eleni joined and the project turned into business.


Each jewelry name of the Abundant Love Collection has a special meaning as it’s taken from women that Eleni connected with while on the road.


The collection, Redefined, puts emphasis on authenticity, self-love, sisterhood and the beauty of diversity.


The latest collection, Vibrate High, aims to contribute positively to the mood of women that consciously choose to wear colour and flowers, spreading beautiful energies despite the challenges of our era.


The two sisters create together unique handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature, travel & culture and they are happy to invite you to their world.



The aim is one, celebrating the feminine energy.